Practice this week!

    Hey Klams!

    Great job swimming at the Summer Awards yesterday! Here is some important information for this week: 

    1. Practices this week are only for swimmers attending the Championship meet on Saturday.  Practices are held at the regular time for the swimmers attending Champs. (For example, if your child always attended the 10:00 practice this summer, he or she will practice at 10:00 this week.) 
    2. The 11 and older men and women will swim in the MORNING on Saturday- meet starts at 8:30 at the WISC. 
    3. 10 and younger men and women will swim in the AFTERNOON on Saturday- meet starts at 12:30 at the WISC.
    4. Warm-ups will be sent out this week. 
    5. We will also have to provide timers for each session- I will send out more information but will break down the sessions so it should be easy. 

    We hope everyone has had a KLAM-tastic summer!!! Remember our banquet is Sunday, August 11! See you there!
    GO Klams!

    Laura Broderick:)

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