Thanks for a wonderful 2019!

    Kingswood Klams,

    I want to thank you all for a wonderful 2019.  The rest of the board members and I hope you had a wonderful summer at Kingswood, and we appreciate your hard work in making our community a wonderful place this summer.  Special thanks to all those who helped with the quick clean-up of the pool to help prep it for winter today. We finished stacking chairs and other equipment in record time.

    A special thanks to the rest of the board members:  Laura Broderick, Gina Waddell, Chris Harrison, Julie Brenegan, Jeff Skinner, Leah Thompson, and Colby Cumber.  Without their hard work helping maintain and repair our facilities, ensuring our budgets are maintained and staff our paid, planning and hosting our special events and fundraisers, and dedication of their time and treasure to our pool, we would not have such a great place to spend our summer.  And a very special thank you to Laura Broderick for her wonderful job with the snack bar and the swim team (She really is the heart of the pool!!!).  Thank you friends!

    A HUGE thank you to our one and only - Coach Harold, and the rest of the lifeguard and coaching staff at Kingswood.  You all did a wonderful job this summer, and we look forward to another great year in 2020.

    The board will continue to try to make improvements to our facilities this winter.  Ideas of a new floor in the clubhouse are up for consideration.  If you have any other ideas, please send an email to a board member and we will consider it!  As always, if you are able to contribute skill, labor, or finances to help improve our community, we welcome it with open arms and thanks!

    Also, if you are interested in serving on our board, and helping guide the future of Kingswood pool, please let me know.  We are always looking for more board members to help organize, coordinate, or volunteer for things that have to happen to ensure we are a functioning community.  It is a great way to meet other members of the pool, and truly is a fun and rewarding experience!

    Please keep an eye out for announcements in email and on Facebook for events over the fall and winter.  As usual, we hope to have the Brunswick stew sale and the Chili Cook-off (I'm working my recipe all winter to ensure I go home a champion this year!).  Maybe a few more events will be planned this winter to keep us all eager for the pool next summer.

    I wish you all a wonderful fall and winter, and look forward to seeing you soon.


    T Watson

    Kingswood President

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